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We have been coaching clients of all calibers for years; combined they have over 30 years of coaching experience for performance, body composition and health.

What we offer goes beyond macros and programming – it’s individualized coaching in all areas, because everything is connected. We not only want you to achieve your goals, we want you to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our coaching isn’t about crash diets and bucket list goals – it’s about optimizing your physique, performance and health for the long term.

What People Are Saying

“Derek has been outstanding for me. I came from being over 260lbs and having zero experience with working out or an overall idea of the kind of foods I would benefit the most from losing weight. With his help so far I have gotten down to under 215lbs and honestly feel a lot better about myself than I have in the past. He also answers all my questions honestly and very intelligently and has allowed me to feel secure in the changes I am making. I greatly look forward to the future working with him and achieving more goals for myself!”

Lachlan Shaw

“When I started working with Derek, I had a goal in mind for what I wanted with experience working as a nutrition coach and CrossFit coach myself but little experience within hypertrophy training and coaching myself with success.

I was at a body fat level I knew wasn’t acceptable for myself not only for aesthetics but also for general health. While our initial goal was to increase my metabolic rate before doing a mini-cut and then a full cut to get to my goals, I ended up injuring myself outside the gym and had to change the plan. Derek adapted better than could have possibly imagined. If I was on my own, I no doubt would’ve cut calories or done something else that would have completely sabotaged my long term goals of losing weight by the time of my wedding date. Instead, I followed what Derek said, trusted the process as I worked through the injury, and continued to rebuild my metabolic rate.

By the time I was back, Derek worked with me and my shift work schedule to build a cutting schedule that worked to meet my goals and my life instead of throwing me into a cookie cutter format that may not have worked. While a weight cut requires some sacrifice, Derek built a schedule that allowed me to have my cake and eat it too so to speak. Within my cut, I was still able to manage dinners out, drinking alcohol and other events without hurting my long term progress. Slowly but surely I was on track for my goals so that several weeks in advance of my wedding, I had met my goal.

By wedding week, I wasn’t even tracking and had literally zero sacrifice when it came to socializing and doing the things I wanted to do for my wedding. It was a dream the way I had been set up.

I’m the fittest and leanest I’ve ever been in my life and had I tried to go it alone, even with some of the knowledge of what it takes, I can be certain that there’s no way I’d have ended up with the same results. Even if you think you know what it takes, there’s something to be said about having someone make the adjustments for you as you climb up your version of Everest. I have undoubtedly gained a wealth of knowledge beyond what I already had and have the tools to continue building on the foundation already set.

If you’re sitting there thinking you have a big goal, give yourself a good time frame to work with. It’s true that we often overestimate what we are capable of in the short term, but vastly underestimate what we are capable of in the long term. I’ve dropped 20 pounds and most importantly, kept it off while building the tools necessary to build on my fitness rather than yo-yo into oblivion. If you’re on the fence, climb over it and take a chance.”

Eric Elliot, Edmonton Police Officer

“Mike Kesthely is hands down one of the best in his field. I first connected with him in 2015 as an aspiring world class rower interested in learning about macros and ultimately looking to optimize performance and make gains. Since our first call, Mike has become a trusted source, good friend and integral part of my team. He not only understands the ins and outs of nutrition and performance, but the psychological components of coaching as well. He listens when I need him to listen and challenges me when I need a kick in the butt. In 2019, I reached what is so far the pinnacle of my career with a win at World Championships in the women’s lightweight pair. As a lightweight rower, I’m required to weigh in two hours before each race. With Mike’s guidance and full support, I had ZERO anxiety leading up to my weigh-ins. It was amazing to essentially eliminate this as one possible source of race day stress. At 37, I truly have Mike to thank for my ability to recover, perform and still reach for high goals. He’s a wealth of knowledge and an amazing sounding board. I’m confident that anyone who works with him is in good hands.”

Cara Stawicki, World Champion Rower


“I’ve been a nutrition coach for 5 years & have always put emphasis on quality of service – particularly in the area of communication. Mike has done a great job with this. He listens to what you have to say and tailors the plan based on your feedback. Mike is abundant with knowledge and the results show it. He definitely cares about his people. I would definitely recommend him to somebody looking for quality nutrition coaching.”

Frank Mastrioianni, Crossfit Athlete

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